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Dedicated to Prostate Cancer Education, Support, Advocacy.

DIET, CANCER, & YOU!  The answer to the question "Does changing your diet to eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes prevent cancer and/'or improve its effect on you?" Answer? Yes!  Come and find out why and which foods may be best for you!

As with the recent 3 years, the upward trend continues for improved technological, surgical, diagonostic, new medicines, and availability of useful information as it relates to Prostate Cancer. There are over 30 different treatments now, and a wide variety of diagnostic tests. We are beginning to see statistics that reveal we are making headway in reducing the number of deaths caused by prostate cancer. However, more than ever, we cannot slack up; the estimated new cases still exceed 211,000, with over 23,000 deaths.

We are also seeing significant ways to decrease the side effects from treatment and increase the quality of life in living with the disease.

UsTOO played a significant role in making that happen.  We've got it on the run! And NEED your to help to continue that trend in 2017!

Your odds are better than ever to arrive at a proper treatment plan, BUT HIGHLY UNLIKELY if you don't seek, gain, AND ACT ON,  the right information!

With a challenging disease like prostate cancer, it's critical to not only become an informed patient - but to stay an informed patient!  Our meetings are open not only to newly diagnosed men

 and prostate cancer survivors; but also significant others, family members, friends and the general public who want more information pertaining to prostate cancer."

We hope you find this site helpful.  We welcome and encourage your direct contact as to how we might make it better!!