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[Note the meeting location and time chage;

Monthly meetings are held on first Tuesday each month at the Mobile Infirmary Cancer Care Center located just behind the Emergency Room at Mobile Infirmary Hospital complex.  Using the ER entrance-one block east of the main hospital entrance is the easy way to get there.   I strongly suggest checking our web site to confirm each meeting  or call Duane at 251-591-8557. 
Schedule: for 2018 [see location adn time change for Sep.]
January: Mon. the 2nd; NO METTING FOR JAN.
Feb.: Mon. the 5th; 7pm
Mar.: Mon the 5th; 7pm
Apr.: Mon the 32Nd; 7pm: "DIET, CANCER, AND YOU"; By Dan Root
May: Mon the 7th; 7pm: "ACTIVE SURVEILANCE"; By Steve Backman
June: Mon the 4th; 7pm (Special presentation at Infirmary Cancer Care Center)
July:  No meeting in Jly
Aug.: Mon the 6th; 7pm
Sep't. Tue the the 25th; 6:30pm (NOTE 6:00 start time now at Mobile Infirmary Cancer Care Ctr!!!!)
Oct.: No meeting for October
Nov. Tue the 6th; 6pm
Dec.: Tue the 4th; 6pm
**refer to map below for specific directions
** go to "About Meetings" for additional info.


Please refer to the map below for specific directions to our meeting location. TDo not turn into the main hospital entrance!!!  Do go one light east and turn into the emergency entrance. Follow that road past the emergency room on your left and park just beyond it to the right in Parking Lot 2.  The Cancer Care facility is across the road to the west-there should be a sign.  Call 251-591-8557 if you get lost and we'll send out a bloodhound!

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