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Related Prostate Information Sites; Us TOO International web site for prostate survivors; listing of current prostate cancer info., clinical trials, other related sites, etc. A free telephone education workshop for men living with advanced prostate cancer, their families and healthcare professionals. 

Next phone workshop: Wed,; Mar, 30, 05; 1:30--2:30pm EST; The American Cancer Society ; 8 year old nonprofit men's cancer educational web site.  The Malecare website is both doctor and patient authored,
featuring over two hundred pages of cancer related articles, many of which are
translated from English into French, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew and
Russian. New material is added several times a month.   I hope you will
include our website in your resources as we try to help men and their
families improve their health.  Malecare is  501(c)3  organization, run by volunteers and funded almost entirely by individual contributions.; The Education Center for Prostate Cancer, Inc.; Jerico, NY; The Education Center for Prostate Cancer Patients (ECPCP); Ablation Techniques; as it pertains to cancer--not yet used as a treatment for prostate cancer. Center located at Gulf Shores, AL; Dr. Jason Williams; 251-967-7663; 3D laproscopic surgery.; laproscopic prostatectomy.; "Healthtalk" is a 20-year healthcare multi-media education company. Listen to the 9/23/04 panel broadcast including UsTOO President/CEO John Page.   Browse around for a host of other excellent information, most of which can be "listened to" rather than just reading it.; Information options and Resources for men with advanced prostate Cancer....and the people who care about them.  Sign up to receive a free "Personalized Doctor Discussion Guide".; Information/forum on Peyronies Disease, sometimes associated with after-treatment of Prostate Cancer.

"Toremifine": Check wilth your doctor regarding this new pill form of medication if you have PCa and are concerned about an accelerated bone loss (Osteoporosis).