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 Prostate Cancer Education & Support

 Many thanks to Mobile Infirmary Cancer Care Administrators for providing our excellent meeting space, food, and beverages!  

Please do not hesitate to contact us!  And browse our site for next meeting, activities, etc.!

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This site is for those men, family members, or any individual looking for information and help with prostate cancer. HOWEVER, please be mindful that we are not medical practitioners in any way.  We try to be very careful to not give any recommendations, or say anything that might be construed as such.  Whatever one hears or reads "here" should be discussed with your doctor.

2017 looks to be a year of many excitng and upward advances for Prostate Cancer.   A recent report forecasted that deaths from PC might be 7% less that in 2016.  New cases could decrease by 5%.  But that still leaves over  221,000 men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the USA, and more than 27,000 will die of the disease. Because early prostate cancer is seldom signaled by any symptoms--which makes it a "silent killer".  Detection is extremely difficult without annual testing.  Almost 22,000 men in Alabama will be diagnosed; 3,400 will die.

A little-known-fact is that the incident rate for prostate cancer amoung men is now higher than breast cancer among women, but yet the funding for research and treatment alternatives for PCa is about one-half that for Breast Cancer.  The most-talked about issues among us survivors are: 1. the apparent over-treatment leading to unecessary lifelong side effects. 2.  The lack of federal and state funding for breakthrough research.



Prostate Cancer:
  • is the single most common form of solid turmor in humans
  • is newly diagnosed every 3 minutes
  • is present in more than 9 million men
  • kills one man every 13 minutes
  • afflicts one-in-six men in their lifetime
  • is second only to lung cancer in annual cancer deaths of U.S. men
  • is high risk for black men--they have incidence and mortality rates as much as 50% higher than other racial or ethnic groups
  • strikes as many men (and causes almost as many deaths annually) as breast cancer among women, BUT lacks the national awareness and research funding breast cancer currently receives
  • is nearly 100% survivable if detected early
  • annual testing (PSA and DRE) is recommended by UsToo for all men 40+ years old (and men at greater risk beginning at age 35)

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Hope for a "new dawn" is on the way! Ck out Provenge!

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